Organizational Value Consultants

Value Creation

Businesses that embark on initiatives for growth but may not have created enough organizational value, or in the required areas may be risking all that has been invested by not fully considering the organizational consequences and alternatives of that strategy.



Value Exchange

Expectation management is what performance and change management is really about. So what is at stake for the organization when expectations are poorly managed or neglected? What expectations are we talking about? The answers lie in the assumptions made about these processes - so really a paradigm shift is needed first.

Value Add

So you have great people, or maybe they have potential but just not realized. So why not? Maybe it's your business processes? Surely some LEAN implementation will significant ramp up productivity? What ever the answers may be, they will always be limited and short term gains unless the barriers to the value adding process are accounted for.

Value Maintain

Much of how a business maintains its gains in organizational value is through its framework of policies and procedures. This is perhaps the most benign part of most organizations, however, within the organizational value model - value maintenance plays a critical part in the maintenance, perpetuation and pursuit of goals, both micro and macro, that ultimately lead to greater output.